Looking for total guest/client satisfaction?

See how IPTV Dubai can provide all of the following services in HIGH DEFINITION to multiple TV’s across a hotel, Hospitals, Resorts, mining camp or Educational institutions, all via standard network cabling forming a Internet Protocol (IP) network.

  • Free-to-air broadcasts & Channels
  • Video on Demand services
  • In-house information channels
  • Digital Signage
  • Internet Access to guests (wired and wireless)



Hotel TV System

IPTV Systems are an Entertainment and services access solution made for the wide range of commercial sectors such as Hospitality , Medical, Education, and Corporate, whoever want to jump into world-class status and give guests and occupants  a  wonderful  impression  of  their  stay  in  your facilities.  One of the great advantages is the quick deployment of the system  and  it  runs  on  set-top  boxes,  smart  TV’s  and  various mobile  devices,  it  is  the  optimal  choice  for  those  who  value flexibility and want to offer a rich experience for your guests .  IPTV Dubai,  IPTV  solution  comes  fully  integrated  with  various reservation, payment and maintenance systems.

The look and feel of the user interface impacts  how  the  guests  perceive information  and  entertainment.  Our system  user  interface  is  fully customizable  as  per  the  client branding guidelines.IPTV Dubai brings the hotel operator most flexible way to expand guests entertainment to higher level, Combined with unprecedented up and cross-sell opportunities. Take advantage of IPTV Dubai End-to-End Hospitality IPTV System and upgrade your hotel, hospital, appartment complex or cruise ship.


  • Full HD live television channels.
  • Full HD over cable or Wifi connectivity.
  • Full HD to mobile devices and tablets.
  • Electronic program guide ( EPG)

Client servicing is at the core of our IPTV system, great  set  of  features  have  been  created  to enable  the  hotel  to  automate  wide  range  of services  and  make  them  visually  engaging  to the  guest  with  great  benefits  of  reducing  calls traffic  to  the  reception  desk,  housekeeping desk, and other service areas of the hotel.

Hotel Amenities Reservation

Give your guest the freedom to visual check the hotel restaurants and other amenities and make reservation  right  from  TV,  smartly  promoted services are always a sellout. *( PMS integration required)

Interactive Client Servicing

Client servicing is at the core of our IPTV system, great  set  of  features  have  been created  to enable  the  hotel  to  automate  wide  range  of services  and  make  them visually  engaging  to the  guest  with  great  benefits  of  reducing  calls traffic  to  the reception  desk,  housekeeping desk, and other service areas.

Room Service

Your Guest can use the TV remote control to Order any mean to the room, endless ways of presenting the menus and the choices of even when to deliver the request. *( PMS integration required). Automate  your  housekeeping  services,  automate  the guests  house  keep  requests  ,  endless  ways  and list  of  services.

Digital Signage / Informative Display Solutions

Cut through the clutter and simplify your messaging with the sleek digital offerings of Datavox display solutions. Information can be dynamically displayed through video and sound, making the most of your message and your investment. Through user-friendly, web-based solution, you can instantly change admission prices, information alerts and last-minute promotions.Our display solutions are applicable for cafe, Education Institutions, Schools, Shopping Outlets and Malls.


Our Information display solution ENHANCE Campus Safety and ENCOURAGE School Spirit.Every school and university needs good communication to function effectively.Old-fashioned signs with changeable plastic letters are no longer practical. Both indoor and outdoor LED signs are more attractive, easier to read, 10+ year life cycle and are much brighter than LCD or plasma displays. Their brightness and animation are proven to attract attention and create awareness.By using this digital display solution in Dubai schools Or Education institutions are benefited by attaining the following.

  • Keep parents, teachers and students informed at all times
  • Increase awareness of upcoming events.
  • Inform everyone about safety alerts, weather warnings, and emergency instructions.
  • Announce schedule changes or class cancellations.
  • Promote student activities, sporting events, and student achievements.
  • Advertise school fairs and fundraising events.
  • Promote school activities throughout the campus and the community.