IPTV Consultancy


IPTV Consultancy Service- IPTV in UAE

IPTV Dubai can help you develop a successful IPTV solution to maximize the value of content delivery to your customers.  Delivering IPTV services over incumbent networks was experiencing difficulties delivering a quality service. Lacking testing and monitoring equipment to recognize and track the reasons, both current solution and also the processes followed were undocumented. IPTV Dubai provided an experienced consultancy team to evaluate the IPTV solution, the networks, systems, processes, management, and strategy. A group both on-site and remote conducted interviews and undertook an in-country assessment. This identified shortfalls in organisational structure, project management, technology introduction processes and defining and managing service level agreements (SLAs). The proposed solution addressed: architecture blueprints, OSS improvement and evolution, managing customer orders, supplier selection processes, and getting best practice in project and alter management. Guidelines for SLA development, best practice blueprints for communication strategy, vendor selection, change management, systems strategy, process strategy and service process models were also delivered.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) has the potential to change the entertainment and hospitality business. What it offers is change how people consume content and interact. However, the complexness of the investment , technology uncertainty, as well as your company’s unfamiliaritywith all the IPTV Solution, makes the presence of a technology partner is important. we understand your challenges and address them through our complete solution package.It help the business to launch high-quality, scalable and stable IPTV services.


Our Approach

IPTV Dubai’s unique approach begins by analysing and auditing the As-Is condition of the present portfolio or product, processes, infrastructure, operations, and organisation along with the IPTV market landscape.The organization and technology audit methodology , and subsequent market analysis, is complemented through a Gap  Analysis to recognize potential areas for investment or development. Audit and Gap Analysis are inputs towards the investment or development business case for reaching a recommended To-Be position. Close client collaboration each and every project stage ensures measurable value. Hard deliverables, in addition to recommendations, are made.

  • Strategic consulting services to finalize on architecture,technology and vendor
  • IPTV Audit Service
  • IPTV Services Strategy and Roadmap Consulting Service
  • IPTV Business Case Consulting Service
  • IPTV Requirements capture and Design Service
  • Testing services for all aspects of IPTV
  • Content Acquisition Strategy
  • Networking and Customer Experience Consulting Service
  • Supplier strategy and Procurement PMO Service