IPTV Middleware UAE


In a complete IPTV Solution it is more deeply engaged with access to many of the most popular web services in a form of IPTV services.When it come to middleware what matters  exactly is ” HIGHLY INTERACTIVE USER EXPERIENCES ”. Flexibility, modularity, expansibility and high performance capabilities are just some of the must-have characteristics of a IPTV Middleware solution. IPTV middleware products enable the delivery of the most attractive entertainment, information and communication services to TV viewers.Now a days the Guests are more deeply engaged with access to many of the most popular web services in a form of IPTV services.

There is an increasing demand for distribution of TV signals over a Local Area Network. This requires an IP Headend to receive the TV signals and process them into an IP stream. The Middleware solution enables the channels and services to be viewed via an IP Set Top Box or on a Smart TV. IPTV Middleware is the heart of the IPTV solution as it controls the delivery of services and applications through the interactive on-screen subscriber user interface.


Importance of IPTV Middleware

IPTV Middleware software has been built upon the idea of being widely customizable in order to fit the exact requirements of a diverse lot of customers.The possibilities IPTV Middleware brings with itself, are hard to count. From Live TV streaming, Camera surveillance to Mobile streaming, this software brings together everything right under one, compact roof.

Along with SD and HD channels, but also streams Radio. Not only this, for the customers ease, allows categorization of each channel according to type, language, etc. as well as allows addition of customizable descriptions with each.Through tight integration with our multi device User Interfaces & Apps you can control the content and services by product definition and handle customer access via the Subscriber System. With IPTV Middleware Solutions you get the complete IPTV management and publishing. Its modular architecture enables us to accommodate any of your business requirements. With IPTV Middleware system you take full control over your multi device IPTV services without the need of trained IT staff or server experts. IPTV Middleware lets you setup and manage multiple IPTV services from one central management console. Because of its open structure IMS can connect with any 3rd party solution or service.


OTHER outstanding IPTV Middleware features include:

Messaging which allows sending of notices to one or more devices, as per need.

Live and precise weather forecast.

Some of the all-time favorite games, such as Sudoku, Pacman and the like.

RSS (News) feature, which helps the user remain updated with what is going around.

Capable of playing and streaming all sorts of audios, such as music, audio books, lectures etc.

And a lot more that has not only made accessing multimedia of all sorts easier but also far more interesting.

Interactive television will provide genuinely useful applications that enhance the overall user experience of IPTV.  Interactive services must be seen as part of the overall infrastructure of delivering TV Channels – not just a bolt on.To get the right interactive services to meet consumer demands will require experimentation.

Interactive advertising will extend traditional linear advertising. It will allow hotel management to give product information in the form of an on-screen interactive brochure. This will re-enforce the brand messages and encourage viewer involvement with the product. It will also allow a direct element to be added to any TV campaign, with responses being captured from viewers.