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IPTV Headend

“Specialized people for specialized needs”

IPTV DUBAI specialized in IPTV Head-End & Distribution. The success of IPTV Solution relays on a powerful, flexible, head-end system.  IPTV  Headend components consist of everything from Satellite dishes, antennas, amplifiers, splitters, decoders, encoders, IP streamers to encryption devices, middleware servers, VoD servers, OSS/BSS, monitoring & testing equipment.We are fully capable of designing and building such TV head-ends along with the necessary enclosures and secure environment.This can be extended to Network Operations Centres (NOCs) and operation teams for maintenance of a TV Head-end as wellIPTV DUBAI works with leading vendor partners to create redundant fail-safe IPTV Head-ends.

Our IPTV Headend solution is used for several purposes but has built a strong position within the hotel / Hospitality TV arena. The system allows the creation of a sort of local TV operator which manages a wide range of satellite channels, adding other types of services such as a newspaper reader, weather information and room service on TV.


When it comes to IPTV Solution for  campuses houses, hotels, we offer reliable IPTV Headend solution, ensuring a permanent and long-term operation.

The TV head-end is the station or broadcast center where the delivery of IP multicast streams, encoding, transcoding, and encryption take place. When viewers are watching TV delivered by an IPTV system, the content they are viewing originates or is being delivered from the TV head-end. To meet customer demand for new capabilities and higher quality, service providers need state-of-the-art video head-end solutions. They also need broad expertise to help ensure that analog, digital, and IP technologies interoperate to deliver a high-quality, highly reliable experience.

What we offer in IPTV Headend Building ?

  • Acquisition and conversion of video from a wide range of sources, including satellite, off-air, and fiber
  • Advanced processing of video signals, including grooming, multiplexing, transrating, and ad insertion
  • Best-in-class MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/AVC encoding to deliver better picture quality using less bandwidth
  • Single-screen management
  • Comprehensive integration, consulting, and support services.